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Author: Yeh, Skye Hsin-Hsien; Kong, Fan-Lin; Lin, Ming-Hsien Title: Visualization of Apoptosis: Annexin V Imaging Year: 2017 Publication: Personalized Pathway-Activated Systems Imaging in Oncology: Principal and Instrumentation Volume: Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Ye, Jinzuo; Du, Yang; An, Yu; Mao, Yamin; Jiang, Shixin; Shang, Wenting; He, Kunshan; Yang, Xin; Wang, Kun; Chi, Chongwei; Tian, Jie Title: Sparse Reconstruction of Fluorescence Molecular Tomography Using Variable Splitting and Alternating Direction Scheme Year: 2017 Publication: Molecular Imaging and Biology Volume: Products: Keywords: Fluorescence molecular tomography; Reconstruction; Variable splitting; Alternating direction scheme; In vivo imaging; FMT details  
Author: Xie, Wenhao; Deng, Yong; Yan, Dongmei; Yang, Xiaoquan; Luo, Qingming Title: Sparsity-promoting Bayesian approximation error method for compensating for the mismodeling of optical properties in fluorescence molecular tomography Year: 2017 Publication: Optics Letters Volume: 42 Products: Keywords: Medical optics and biotechnology; Image reconstruction techniques; Medical and biological imaging; Tomography; FMT details  
Author: Wanga, Shaynah; Hibender, Stijntje; Ridwan, Yanto; van Roomen, Cindy; Vos, Mariska; van der Made, Ingeborg; van Vliet, Nicole; Franken, Romy; van Riel, Luigi Amjg; Groenink, Maarten; Zwinderman, Aeilko H.; Mulder, Barbara J. M.; de Vries, Carlie J. M.; Essers, Jeroen; de Waard, Vivian Title: Aortic microcalcification is associated with elastin fragmentation in Marfan syndrome Year: 2017 Publication: The Journal of Pathology Volume: Products: Keywords: Marfan syndrome; vascular calcification; aneurysm; transgenic mice; FMT details  
Author: Wang, Kun; Tian, Jie Title: Small animal whole body radio-fluorescence tomography: a pilot study Year: 2017 Publication: Journal of Nuclear Medicine Volume: 58 Products: Keywords: Fmt details  
Author: Wang, Ge Title: New contrasts for x-ray imaging and synergy with optical imaging Year: 2017 Publication: Volume: 10057 Products: Keywords: Fmt details  
Author: Vecchione, D.; Grimaldi, A. M.; Forte, E.; Bevilacqua, Paolo; Netti, P. A.; Torino, E. Title: Hybrid Core-Shell (HyCoS) Nanoparticles produced by Complex Coacervation for Multimodal Applications Year: 2017 Publication: Www.nature.com/scientificreports Volume: 7 Products: Keywords: Fmt details  
Author: Tsvetkova, Yoanna; Beztsinna, Nataliia; Baues, Maike; Klein, Dionne; Rix, Anne; Golombek, Susanne K.; Al Rawashdeh, Wa’el; Gremse, Felix; Barz, Matthias; Koynov, Kaloian; Banala, Srinivas; Lederle, Wiltrud; Lammers, Twan; Kiessling, Fabian Title: Balancing Passive and Active Targeting to Different Tumor Compartments Using Riboflavin-Functionalized Polymeric Nanocarriers Year: 2017 Publication: Nano Letters Volume: 17 Products: Keywords: branched PEG; passive and active tumor targeting; Riboflavin; FMT details  
Author: Tseng, Jen-Chieh; Narayanan, Nara; Ho, Guojie; Groves, Kevin; Delaney, Jeannine; Bao, Bagna; Zhang, Jun; Morin, Jeffrey; Kossodo, Sylvie; Rajopadhye, Milind; Peterson, Jeffrey D. Title: Fluorescence imaging of bombesin and transferrin receptor expression is comparable to 18F-FDG PET in early detection of sorafenib-induced changes in tumor metabolism Year: 2017 Publication: Plos One Volume: 12 Products: Keywords: Fmt details  
Author: Stellari, Fabio Franco; Ruscitti, Francesca; Pompilio, Daniela; Ravanetti, Francesca; Tebaldi, Giulia; Macchi, Francesca; Verna, Andrea Elizabeth; Villetti, Gino; Donofrio, Gaetano Title: Heterologous Matrix Metalloproteinase Gene Promoter Activity Allows In Vivo Real-time Imaging of Bleomycin-Induced Lung Fibrosis in Transiently Transgenized Mice Year: 2017 Publication: Frontiers in Immunology Volume: 8 Products: Keywords: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis,; Bleomycin,; bioluminescence,; Fluorescent molecular tomography,; Matrix Metalloproteinase 1; FMT details