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Author: Deliolanis, Nikolaos C; Ntziachristos, Vasilis Title: Fluorescence Molecular Tomography of Brain Tumors in Mice Year: 2013 Publication: Cold Spring Harbor Protocols Volume: 2013 Products: Keywords: FMT; VisEn Medical; IVIS Imaging details  
Author: Fenton, Mark; Keary, Ruth; McAuliffe, Olivia; Ross, R Paul; O'Mahony, Jim; Coffey, Aidan Title: Bacteriophage-Derived Peptidase Eliminates and Prevents Staphylococcal Biofilms Year: 2013 Publication: International journal of microbiology Volume: 2013 Products: Keywords: IVIS Imaging details  
Author: Gao, Jian-Li; Ji, Xing; He, Tong-Chuan; Zhang, Qi; He, Kai; Zhao, Yan; Chen, Su-Hong; Lv, Gui-Yuan Title: Tetrandrine Suppresses Cancer Angiogenesis and Metastasis in 4T1 Tumor Bearing Mice Year: 2013 Publication: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume: 2013 Products: Keywords: IVIS Imaging details  
Author: Khalil, Ashraf A.; Jameson, Mark J.; Broaddus, William C.; Chung, Theodore D.; Golding, Sarah E.; Dever, Seth M.; Rosenberg, Elisabeth; Valerie, Kristoffer Title: Subcutaneous Administration of D-Luciferin is an Effective Alternative to Intraperitoneal Injection in Bioluminescence Imaging of Xenograft Tumors in Nude Mice Year: 2013 Publication: ISRN Molecular Imaging Volume: 2013 Products: Keywords: IVIS Imaging details  
Author: Khalil, Ashraf A; Jameson, Mark J; Broaddus, William C; Lin, Peck Sun; Dever, Seth M; Golding, Sarah E; Rosenberg, Elizabeth; Valerie, Kristoffer; Chung, Theodore D Title: The Influence of Hypoxia and pH on Bioluminescence Imaging of Luciferase-Transfected Tumor Cells and Xenografts Year: 2013 Publication: International Journal of Molecular Imaging Volume: 2013 Products: Keywords: IVIS Imaging details  
Author: Clare Piper, Pat G. Casey, Colin Hill, Paul D. Cotter, and R. Paul Ross Title: The Lantibiotic Lacticin 3147 Prevents Systemic Spread of Staphylococcus aureus in a Murine Infection Model Year: 2012 Publication: International Journal of Microbiology Volume: 2012 Products: Keywords: IVIS, Xen29, Xen 29, Staphylococcus aureus Xen29 details  
Author: Lin, S. A.; Patel, M.; Suresch, D.; Connolly, B.; Bao, B.; Groves, K.; Rajopadhye, M.; Peterson, J. D.; Klimas, M.; Sur, C.; Bednar, B. Title: Quantitative Longitudinal Imaging of Vascular Inflammation and Treatment by Ezetimibe in apoE Mice by FMT Using New Optical Imaging Biomarkers of Cathepsin Activity and alpha(v)beta(3) Integrin Year: 2012 Publication: Int J Mol Imaging Volume: 2012 Products: Keywords: FMT, Prosense, CatB, Cathepsin B, fluorescence imaing, tomography, microCT details  
Author: Chiou, J. F.; Wu, A. T.; Wang, W. T.; Kuo, T. H.; Gelovani, J. G.; Lin, I. H.; Wu, C. H.; Chiu, W. T.; Deng, W. P. Title: A Preclinical Evaluation of Antrodia camphorata Alcohol Extracts in the Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Non-Invasive Molecular Imaging Year: 2011 Publication: Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM Volume: 2011 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Takahashi, K.; Onodera, S.; Tohyama, H.; Kwon, H. J.; Honma, Ki; Yasuda, K. Title: In Vivo Imaging of Particle-Induced Inflammation and Osteolysis in the Calvariae of NF?B/Luciferase Transgenic Mice Year: 2011 Publication: J Biomed Biotechnol Volume: 2011 Products: Keywords: IVIS, Xenogen details  
Author: Negishi, Y.; Tsunoda, Y.; Endo-Takahashi, Y.; Oda, Y.; Suzuki, R.; Maruyama, K.; Yamamoto, M.; Aramaki, Y. Title: Local gene delivery system by bubble liposomes and ultrasound exposure into joint synovium Year: 2011 Publication: Journal of drug delivery Volume: 2011 Products: Keywords: details