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Author: Fortune, T.; Lurie, D.I. Title: Chronic low-level lead exposure affects the monoaminergic system in the mouse superior olivary complex Year: 2009 Publication: The Journal of comparative neurology Volume: 513 Products: Keywords: Maestro details  
Author: Jin, Wei; Qin, Bin; Chen, Zhijin; Liu, Hao; Barve, Ashutosh; Cheng, Kun Title: Discovery of PSMA-specific peptide ligands for targeted drug delivery Year: 2016 Publication: International Journal of Pharmaceutics Volume: 513 Products: Keywords: Prostate cancer; PSMA; Peptide ligand; Phage display; Combinatorial biopanning; IVIS; IVIS FLI ex vivo details  
Author: Li, Jinli; Cheng, Xudong; Chen, Yan; He, Weiming; Ni, Li; Xiong, Peihua; Wei, Minggang Title: Vitamin E TPGS modified liposomes enhance cellular uptake and targeted delivery of luteolin: An in vivo/in vitro evaluation Year: 2016 Publication: International Journal of Pharmaceutics Volume: 512 Products: Keywords: Luteolin; TPGS; Liposomes; Lung cancer; IVIS; IVIS FLI details  
Author: Zhu, Qing; Weiner, Amy J. Title: A Hepatitis C Virus Xenograft Mouse Efficacy Model Year: 2008 Publication: Inflammation and Cancer Volume: 511 Products: Keywords: Hepatitis C virus, Murine, Tumor model, Antiviral, Replicon IVIS, Xenogen details  
Author: Guo, Rui; Guo, Wenjun; Cao, Li; Liu, Hui; Liu, Jieyu; Xu, Hua; Huang, Weiqiang; Wang, Fengwei; Hong, Zhangyong Title: Fusion of an albumin-binding domain extends the half-life of immunotoxins Year: 2016 Publication: International Journal of Pharmaceutics Volume: 511 Products: Keywords: Immunotoxin; Affibody; Pseudomonas exotoxin; Albumin binding domain; Half-life extension details  
Author: Zheng, Bin; Wang, Jingya; Pan, Huizhuo; Chen, Hongbin; Ji, Wanying; Liao, Zhenyu; Gong, Xiaoqun; Wang, Hanjie; Chang, Jin Title: A visual guide to gene/optothermal synergy therapy nanosystem using tungsten oxide Year: 2017 Publication: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Volume: 506 Products: Keywords: Synergy therapy; Gene therapy; Photothermal therapy; Tungsten oxide nanocrystals; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details  
Author: Tian, Ying; Zhang, Yunlei; Pan, Jing; Lu, Nan; Wang, Shouju; Lu, Guangming Title: Gold Nanoparticles Increase PLK1-Specific Small Interfering RNA Transfection and Induce Apoptosis of Drug Resistance Breast Cancer Cells Year: 2015 Publication: Journal of Nanomaterials Volume: 501 Products: Keywords: Ivis; Ivis Fli details  
Author: Rico, Amber B.; Phillips, Aaron T.; Schountz, Tony; Jarvis, Donald L.; Tjalkens, Ronald B.; Powers, Ann M.; Olson, Ken E. Title: Venezuelan and western equine encephalitis virus E1 liposome antigen nucleic acid complexes protect mice from lethal challenge with multiple alphaviruses Year: 2016 Publication: Virology Volume: 499 Products: Keywords: Alphavirus; Bioluminescence; Eastern equine encephalitis virus; In vivo imaging; Subunit vaccine; Togaviridae; Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus; Western equine encephalitis virus; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Heredia, L. L. de; Gengatharan, A.; Foster, J.; Mather, S.; Magoulas, C. Title: Bioluminescence imaging of the brain response to acute inflammation in living C/EBP reporter mice Year: 2011 Publication: Neuroscience letters Volume: 497 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Backer, M. V.; Levashova, Z.; Levenson, R.; Blankenberg, F. G.; Backer, J. M. Title: Cysteine-containing fusion tag for site-specific conjugation of therapeutic and imaging agents to targeting proteins Year: 2008 Publication: Methods in molecular biology Volume: 494 Products: Keywords: Amino Acid Sequence, Cysteine/*chemistry, Humans, Indicators and Reagents/chemistry/metabolism, Liposomes/chemistry/metabolism, Molecular Sequence Data, Protein Conformation, Protein Folding, Protein Transport, Recombinant Fusion Proteins/*chemistry/genetics/metabolism, Ribonuclease, Pancreatic/chemistry/genetics/metabolism, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A/chemistry/genetics details