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Author: Jing, W.; Yan, X.; Hallett, W. H.; Gershan, J. A.; Johnson, B. D. Title: Depletion of CD25 T cells from hematopoietic stem cell grafts increases posttransplantation vaccine-induced immunity to neuroblastoma Year: 2011 Publication: Blood Volume: 117 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Huang, C. W.; Li, Z.; Cai, H.; Chen, K.; Shahinian, T.; Conti, P. S. Title: Design, synthesis and validation of integrin alpha2beta1-targeted probe for microPET imaging of prostate cancer Year: 2011 Publication: European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging Volume: 38 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Thudi, N. K.; Shu, S. T.; Martin, C. K.; Lanigan, L. G.; Nadella, M. V.; Bokhoven, A. Van; Werbeck, J. L.; Simmons, J. K.; Murahari, S.; Kisseberth, W. C.; Breen, M.; Williams, C.; Chen, C. S.; McCauley, L. K.; Keller, E. T.; Rosol, T. J. Title: Development of a brain metastatic canine prostate cancer cell line Year: 2011 Publication: The Prostate Volume: 71 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Huynh, A. S.; Abrahams, D. F.; Torres, M. S.; Baldwin, M. K.; Gillies, R. J.; Morse, D. L. Title: Development of an orthotopic human pancreatic cancer xenograft model using ultrasound guided injection of cells Year: 2011 Publication: PloS one Volume: 6 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Argyros, O.; Wong, S. P.; Fedonidis, C.; Tolmachov, O.; Waddington, S. N.; Howe, S. J.; Niceta, M.; Coutelle, C.; Harbottle, R. P. Title: Development of S/MAR minicircles for enhanced and persistent transgene expression in the mouse liver Year: 2011 Publication: Journal of molecular medicine Volume: 89 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Dai, Y.; Chen, S.; Wang, L.; Pei, X. Y.; Funk, V. L.; Kramer, L. B.; Dent, P.; Grant, S. Title: Disruption of IKK-mediated RelA serine 536 phosphorylation sensitizes human multiple myeloma cells to HDAC inhibitors Year: 2011 Publication: The Journal of biological chemistry Volume: Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Spaccapelo, Roberta; Aime, Elena; Caterbi, Sara; Arcidiacono, Paola; Capuccini, Barbara; Cristina, Manlio Di; Dottorini, Tania; Rende, Mario; Bistoni, Francesco; Crisanti, Andrea Title: Disruption of plasmepsin-4 and merozoites surface protein-7 genes in Plasmodium berghei induces combined virulence-attenuated phenotype Year: 2011 Publication: Sci. Rep. Volume: 1 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Spaeth, E. L.; Marini, F. C. Title: Dissecting mesenchymal stem cell movement: migration assays for tracing and deducing cell migration Year: 2011 Publication: Methods in molecular biology Volume: 750 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Gaur, A. B.; Holbeck, S. L.; Colburn, N. H.; Israel, M. A. Title: Downregulation of Pdcd4 by mir-21 facilitates glioblastoma proliferation in vivo Year: 2011 Publication: Neuro-oncology Volume: 13 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Li, X.; Liao, J.; Park, S. I.; Koh, A. J.; Sadler, W. D.; Pienta, K. J.; Rosol, T. J.; McCauley, L. K. Title: Drugs which inhibit osteoclast function suppress tumor growth through calcium reduction in bone Year: 2011 Publication: Bone Volume: 48 Products: Keywords: details