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Author: Yan, Eryun; Fu, Yilong; Wang, Xue; Ding, Yin; Qian, Hanqing; Wang, Chi-Hwa; Hu, Yong; Jiang, Xiqun Title: Hollow chitosan-silica nanospheres for doxorubicin delivery to cancer cells with enhanced antitumor effect in vivo Year: 2011 Publication: Journal of Materials Chemistry Volume: 21 Products: Keywords:
Author: Lan, K. L.; Lan, K. H.; Sheu, M. L.; Chen, M. Y.; Shih, Y. S.; Hsu, F. C.; Wang, H. M.; Liu, R. S.; Yen, S. H. Title: Honokiol inhibits hypoxia-inducible factor-1 pathway Year: 2011 Publication: International journal of radiation biology Volume: 87 Products: Keywords:
Author: Deuse, T.; Seifert, M.; Phillips, N.; Fire, A.; Tyan, D.; Kay, M.; Tsao, P. S.; Hua, X.; Velden, J.; Eiermann, T.; Volk, H. D.; Reichenspurner, H.; Robbins, R. C.; Schrepfer, S. Title: Human leukocyte antigen I knockdown human embryonic stem cells induce host ignorance and achieve prolonged xenogeneic survival Year: 2011 Publication: Circulation Volume: 124 Products: Keywords:
Author: McLean, K.; Gong, Y.; Choi, Y.; Deng, N.; Yang, K.; Bai, S.; Cabrera, L.; Keller, E.; McCauley, L.; Cho, K. R.; Buckanovich, R. J. Title: Human ovarian carcinoma-associated mesenchymal stem cells regulate cancer stem cells and tumorigenesis via altered BMP production Year: 2011 Publication: The Journal of clinical investigation Volume: Products: Keywords:
Author: Li, X.; Ling, W.; Pennisi, A.; Wang, Y.; Khan, S.; Heidaran, M.; Pal, A.; Zhang, X.; He, S.; Zeitlin, A.; Abbot, S.; Faleck, H.; Hariri, R.; Shaughnessy, J. D.; Rhee, F. van; Nair, B.; Barlogie, B.; Epstein, J.; Yaccoby, S. Title: Human Placenta-Derived Adherent Cells Prevent Bone loss, Stimulate Bone formation, and Suppress Growth of Multiple Myeloma in Bone Year: 2011 Publication: Stem cells Volume: 29 Products: Keywords:
Author: Chen, A. A.; Thomas, D. K.; Ong, L. L.; Schwartz, R. E.; Golub, T. R.; Bhatia, S. N. Title: Humanized mice with ectopic artificial liver tissues Year: 2011 Publication: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Volume: 108 Products: Keywords:
Author: Chaumeil, M. M.; Ozawa, T.; Park, I.; Scott, K.; James, C. D.; Nelson, S. J.; Ronen, S. M. Title: Hyperpolarized (13)C MR spectroscopic imaging can be used to monitor Everolimus treatment in vivo in an orthotopic rodent model of glioblastoma Year: 2011 Publication: NeuroImage Volume: Products: Keywords:
Author: Boutte, A. M.; Friedman, D. B.; Bogyo, M.; Min, Y.; Yang, L.; Lin, P. C. Title: Identification of a myeloid-derived suppressor cell cystatin-like protein that inhibits metastasis Year: 2011 Publication: The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Volume: 25 Products: Keywords:
Author: Wu, C. C.; Lin, E. H.; Lee, Y. C.; Tai, C. J.; Kuo, T. H.; Wang, H. E.; Luo, T. Y.; Fu, Y. K.; Chen, H. J.; Sun, M. D.; Wu, C. H.; Wu, C. W.; Leu, S. J.; Deng, W. P. Title: Identification of a new peptide for fibrosarcoma tumor targeting and imaging in vivo Year: 2010 Publication: Journal of biomedicine & biotechnology Volume: 2010 Products: Keywords:
Author: Cain, J. W.; Hauptschein, R. S.; Stewart, J. K.; Bagci, T.; Sahagian, G. G.; Jay, D. G. Title: Identification of CD44 as a surface biomarker for drug resistance by surface proteome signature technology Year: 2011 Publication: Molecular cancer research : MCR Volume: 9 Products: Keywords: