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Author: Wang, K.; Ruan, J.; Qian, Q.; Song, H.; Bao, C.; Zhang, X.; Kong, Y.; Zhang, C.; Hu, G.; Ni, J.; Cui, D. Title: BRCAA1 monoclonal antibody conjugated fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles for in vivo targeted magnetofluorescent imaging of gastric cancer Year: 2011 Publication: Journal of nanobiotechnology Volume: 9 Products: Keywords:
Author: Filonov, G. S.; Piatkevich, K. D.; Ting, L. M.; Zhang, J.; Kim, K.; Verkhusha, V. V. Title: Bright and stable near-infrared fluorescent protein for in vivo imaging Year: 2011 Publication: Nature biotechnology Volume: Products: Keywords:
Author: Burk, Laurel M.; Lee, Yueh Z.; Heathcote, Samuel; Wang, Ko-han; Kim, William Y.; Lu, Jianping; Zhou, Otto Title: Carbon nanotube based respiratory gated micro-CT imaging of a murine model of lung tumors with optical imaging correlation Year: 2011 Publication: Volume: 7965 Products: Keywords:
Author: Zhao, D.; Alizadeh, D.; Zhang, L.; Liu, W.; Farrukh, O.; Manuel, E.; Diamond, D. J.; Badie, B. Title: Carbon nanotubes enhance CpG uptake and potentiate antiglioma immunity Year: 2011 Publication: Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research Volume: 17 Products: Keywords:
Author: Dasmahapatra, G.; Lembersky, D.; Son, M. P.; Attkisson, E.; Dent, P.; Fisher, R. I.; Friedberg, J. W.; Grant, S. Title: Carfilzomib Interacts Synergistically With Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors In Mantle Cell Lymphoma Cells In Vitro And In Vivo Year: 2011 Publication: Molecular cancer therapeutics Volume: Products: Keywords:
Author: Emmett, M. S.; Lanati, S.; Dunn, D. B.; Stone, O. A.; Bates, D. O. Title: CCR7 mediates directed growth of melanomas towards lymphatics Year: 2011 Publication: Microcirculation Volume: 18 Products: Keywords:
Author: Lee, T. K.; Castilho, A.; Cheung, V. C.; Tang, K. H.; Ma, S.; Ng, I. O. Title: CD24(+) Liver Tumor-Initiating Cells Drive Self-Renewal and Tumor Initiation through STAT3-Mediated NANOG Regulation Year: 2011 Publication: Cell stem cell Volume: 9 Products: Keywords:
Author: Ahmadi, M.; King, J. W.; Xue, S. A.; Voisine, C.; Holler, A.; Wright, G. P.; Waxman, J.; Morris, E.; Stauss, H. J. Title: CD3 limits the efficacy of TCR gene therapy in vivo Year: 2011 Publication: Blood Volume: Products: Keywords:
Author: Claser, C.; Malleret, B.; Gun, S. Y.; Wong, A. Y.; Chang, Z. W.; Teo, P.; See, P. C.; Howland, S. W.; Ginhoux, F.; Renia, L. Title: CD8+ T cells and IFN-gamma mediate the time-dependent accumulation of infected red blood cells in deep organs during experimental cerebral malaria Year: 2011 Publication: PloS one Volume: 6 Products: Keywords:
Author: Bruyn, M. de; Wei, Y.; Wiersma, V. R.; Samplonius, D. F.; Klip, H. G.; Zee, A. G. van der; Yang, B.; Helfrich, W.; Bremer, E. Title: Cell surface delivery of TRAIL strongly augments the tumoricidal activity of T-cells Year: 2011 Publication: Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research Volume: Products: Keywords: