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Author: Chen, Weishen; Bichara, David A.; Suhardi, Jeremy; Sheng, Puyi; Muratoglu, Orhun K. Title: Effects of vitamin E-diffused highly cross-linked UHMWPE particles on inflammation, apoptosis and immune response against S. aureus Year: 2017 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 143 Products: Keywords: UHMWPE; Vitamin E; Wear particle-induced osteolysis; Periprosthetic joint infection; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Vandamme, M.; Robert, E.; Lerondel, S.; Sarron, V.; Ries, D.; Dozias, S.; Sobilo, J.; Gosset, D.; Kieda, C.; Legrain, B.; Pouvesle, J. M.; Pape, A. L. Title: ROS implication in a new antitumor strategy based on non-thermal plasma Year: 2011 Publication: Int J Cancer Volume: Products: Keywords: U87-MG-luc2, U-87-MG-luc2, U87MG-luc2, Bioluminescence, Glioma, IVIS details  
Author: Phillips, W. T.; Goins, B.; Bao, A.; Vargas, D.; Guttierez, J. E.; Trevino, A.; Miller, J. R.; Henry, J.; Zuniga, R.; Vecil, G.; Brenner, A. J. Title: Rhenium-186 liposomes as convection-enhanced nanoparticle brachytherapy for treatment of glioblastoma Year: 2012 Publication: Neuro Oncol Volume: 14 Products: Keywords: U-87 MG-luc2, U-87-MG-luc2, Glioma, Bioware, IVIS, Animals; Brachytherapy/*methods; Brain Neoplasms/pathology/*radiotherapy; Convection; Glioblastoma/pathology/*radiotherapy; Glioma/pathology/*radiotherapy; Liposomes; Nanoparticles/therapeutic use; Radioisotopes/*therapeutic use; Rats; Rhenium/*therapeutic use; Tumor Burden; Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays details  
Author: Roberts, Cai M.; Shahin, Sophia Allaf; Wen, Wei; Finlay, James B.; Dong, Juyao; Wang, Ruining; Dellinger, Thanh H.; Zink, Jeffrey I.; Tamanoi, Fuyuhiko; Glackin, Carlotta A. Title: Nanoparticle delivery of siRNA against TWIST to reduce drug resistance and tumor growth in ovarian cancer models Year: 2017 Publication: Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine Volume: 13 Products: Keywords: Twist; siRNA; Mesoporous silica nanoparticles; Polyamidoamine dendrimers; Ovarian cancer; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Kwong, Tiffany C.; Nouizi, Farouk; Lin, Yuting; Cho, Jaedu; Zhu, Yue; Sampathkumaran, Uma; Gulsen, Gultekin Title: Experimental evaluation of the resolution and quantitative accuracy of temperature-modulated fluorescence tomography Year: 2017 Publication: Applied Optics Volume: 56 Products: Keywords: Turbid media; Imaging systems; Medical optics and biotechnology; Medical and biological imaging; Fluorescence; Tomographic imaging; FMT details  
Author: Huang, Wen-Chia; Chiang, Wen-Hsuan; Cheng, Ya-Hui; Lin, Wan-Chi; Yu, Ching-Fang; Yen, Chia-Yi; Yeh, Chih-Kuang; Chern, Chorng-Shyan; Chiang, Chi-Shiun; Chiu, Hsin-Cheng Title: Tumortropic monocyte-mediated delivery of echogenic polymer bubbles and therapeutic vesicles for chemotherapy of tumor hypoxia Year: 2015 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 71 Products: Keywords: Tumortropic monocytes/macrophages; Tumor hypoxia; Cell-mediated drug delivery; Co-delivery; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details  
Author: Ho, Chih-Ming; Shih, Daniel T; Hsiao, Chih-Chiang; Huang, Shih-Hung; Chang, Shwu-Fen; Cheng, Wen-Fang Title: Gene methylation of human ovarian carcinoma stromal progenitor cells promotes tumorigenesis Year: 2015 Publication: Journal of translational medicine Volume: 13 Products: Keywords: Tumorigenesis,; Ovarian carcinoma stromal progenitor cells,; 5-aza-2-deoxycytidine,; Tumor suppressor genes,; Methylation; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Zanca, Ciro; Villa, Genaro R.; Benitez, Jorge A.; Thorne, Amy Haseley; Koga, Tomoyuki; D'Antonio, Matteo; Ikegami, Shiro; Ma, Jianhui; Boyer, Antonia D.; Banisadr, Afsheen; Jameson, Nathan M.; Parisian, Alison D.; Eliseeva, Olesja V.; Barnabe, Gabriela F.; Liu, Feng; Wu, Sihan; Yang, Huijun; Wykosky, Jill; Frazer, Kelly A.; Verkhusha, Vladislav V.; Isaguliants, Maria G.; Weiss, William A.; Gahman, Timothy C.; Shiau, Andrew K.; Chen, Clark C.; Mischel, Paul S.; Cavenee, Webster K.; Furnari, Frank B. Title: Glioblastoma cellular cross-talk converges on NF-κB to attenuate EGFR inhibitor sensitivity Year: 2017 Publication: Genes & Development Volume: Products: Keywords: tumor; heterogeneity; glioblastoma; survivin; NF-κB; EGFR; IL-6; FMT details  
Author: Lee, Sangmin; Han, Hyounkoo; Koo, Heebeom; Na, Jin Hee; Yoon, Hong Yeol; Lee, Kyung Eun; Lee, Hyukjin; Kim, Hyuncheol; Kwon, Ick Chan; Kim, Kwangmeyung Title: Extracellular matrix remodeling in vivo for enhancing tumor-targeting efficiency of nanoparticle drug carriers using the pulsed high intensity focused ultrasound Year: 2017 Publication: Journal of Controlled Release Volume: Products: Keywords: Tumor-targeting; Nanoparticles; Extracellular matrix; HIFU; Collagen details  
Author: Liu, Lanlan; Yi, Huqiang; He, Huamei; Pan, Hong; Cai, Lintao; Ma, Yifan Title: Tumor associated macrophage-targeted microRNA delivery with dual-responsive polypeptide nanovectors for anti-cancer therapy Year: 2017 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 134 Products: Keywords: Tumor-associated macrophages; Nanoparticles; Targeted delivery; miR155; Cancer therapy; Maestro details