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Author: Wang, Xue; Wang, Jin; Wu, Wenbin; Li, Hongjun Title: Vaginal delivery of carboplatin-loaded thermosensitive hydrogel to prevent local cervical cancer recurrence in mice Year: 2016 Publication: Drug Delivery Volume: Products: Keywords: vaginal delivery,; thermosensitive hydrogel,; local cervical cancer recurrence,; local chemotherapy,; poloxamer; Maestro details  
Author: Liu, Lanxia; Ma, Pingchuan; Wang, Hai; Zhang, Chao; Sun, Hongfan; Wang, Chun; Song, Cunxian; Leng, Xigang; Kong, Deling; Ma, Guilei Title: Immune responses to vaccines delivered by encapsulation into and/or adsorption onto cationic lipid-PLGA hybrid nanoparticles Year: 2016 Publication: Journal of Controlled Release Volume: 225 Products: Keywords: Vaccine; Adjuvant; Immune response; Cationic-lipid PLGA hybrid nanoparticles; Encapsulation; Adsorption; Maestro details  
Author: Rudd, Penny A; Raphael, Anthony P; Yamada, Miko; Nufer, Kaitlin L; Gardner, Joy; Le, Thuy TT; Prow, Natalie A; Dang, Nhung; Schroder, Wayne A; Prow, Tarl W Title: Effective cutaneous vaccination using an inactivated chikungunya virus vaccine delivered by Foroderm Year: 2015 Publication: Vaccine Volume: Products: Keywords: Vaccine delivery;; Cutaneous vaccination;; Chikungunya virus;; Foroderm; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details  
Author: Zhai, Xuesong; Lei, Pengpeng; Zhang, Peng; Wang, Zhuo; Song, Shuyan; Xu, Xia; Liu, Xiuling; Feng, Jing; Zhang, Hongjie Title: Growth of lanthanide-doped LiGdF4 nanoparticles induced by LiLuF4 core as tri-modal imaging bioprobes Year: 2015 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 65 Products: Keywords: Upconversion luminescence; LiGdF4; Core–shell-shell; Tri-modal imaging; Lanthanide; Maestro details  
Author: Christensen, Anders; Juhl, Karina; Persson, Morten; Charabi, Birgitte Wittenborg; Mortensen, Jann; Kiss, Katalin; Lelkaitis, Giedrius; Rubek, Niclas; von Buchwald, Christian; Kjær, Andreas Title: uPAR-targeted optical near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging and PET for image-guided surgery in head and neck cancer: proof-of-concept in orthotopic xenograft model Year: 2017 Publication: Oncotarget Volume: 8 Products: Keywords: uPAR,; image-guided surgery,; tumor margin assessment,; head and neck cancer,; robotic surgery,; PET; mice; IVIS; IVIS FLI; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Wang, Ping; Yoo, Byunghee; Sherman, Sarah; Mukherjee, Pinku; Ross, Alana; Pantazopoulos, Pamela; Petkova, Victoria; Farrar, Christian; Medarova, Zdravka; Moore, Anna Title: Predictive imaging of chemotherapeutic response in a transgenic mouse model of pancreatic cancer Year: 2016 Publication: International Journal of Cancer Volume: Products: Keywords: underglycosylated mucin 1 tumor antigen (uMUC1);; pancreatic cancer;; in vivo imaging;; nanoparticles; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details  
Author: Fabiilli, Mario L; Phanse, Rahul A; Moncion, Alexander; Fowlkes, J Brian; Franceschi, Renny T Title: Use of Hydroxyapatite Doping to Enhance Responsiveness of Heat-Inducible Gene Switches to Focused Ultrasound Year: 2015 Publication: Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology Volume: 42 Products: Keywords: Ultrasound;; Hyperthermia;; Hydrogel;; Fibrin;; Attenuation;; Gene therapy;; Hydroxyapatite; IVIS; IVIS BLI details  
Author: Shapiro, Galina; Wong, Andrew; Bez, Maxim; Yang, Fang; Tam, Sarah; Even, Lisa; Sheyn, Dmitriy; Ben-David, Shiran; Tawackoli, Wafa; Pelled, Gadi Title: Multiparameter evaluation of in vivo gene delivery using ultrasound-guided, microbubble-enhanced sonoporation Year: 2015 Publication: Journal of Controlled Release Volume: Products: Keywords: Ultrasound; Microbubbles; Sonoporation; Gene therapy; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Perera, Reshani H.; Wu, Hanping; Peiris, Pubudu; Hernandez, Christopher; Burke, Alan; Zhang, Helen; Exner, Agata A. Title: Improving performance of nanoscale ultrasound contrast agents using <em>N</em>,<em>N</em>-diethylacrylamide stabilization Year: 2017 Publication: Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine Volume: 13 Products: Keywords: Ultrasound contrast agent,; Nanobubble,; Microbubble,; Extravasation,; Cancer; FMT details  
Author: Li, Fang; Xing, Qingguo; Han, Yingchao; Li, Yue; Wang, Wei; Perera, Thalagalage Shalika Harshani; Dai, Honglian Title: Ultrasonically assisted preparation of poly(acrylic acid)/calcium phosphate hybrid nanogels as pH-responsive drug carriers Year: 2017 Publication: Materials Science and Engineering: C Volume: 80 Products: Keywords: Ultrasonic synthesis; Poly(acrylic acid); Calcium phosphate; Hybrid nanogels; pH-sensitive drug carriers; Controlled delivery; Maestro details