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Author: Tan, Fei; Mo, Xiao-hui; Zhao, Jian; Liang, Hui; Chen, Zhong-jian; Wang, Xiu-li Title: A novel delivery vector for targeted delivery of the antiangiogenic drug paclitaxel to angiogenic blood vessels: TLTYTWS-conjugated PEG–PLA nanoparticles Year: 2017 Publication: Journal of Nanoparticle Research Volume: 19 Products: Keywords: TLTYTWS peptide; Nanoparticle drug delivery system; Angiogenesis; Melanoma; Nanomedicine; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details  
Author: Alfonso-Loeches, Silvia; Ureña-Peralta, Juan; Morillo-Bargues, Mª José; Gómez-Pinedo, Ulises; Guerri, Consuelo Title: Ethanol-Induced TLR4/NLRP3 Neuroinflammatory Response in Microglial Cells Promotes Leukocyte Infiltration Across the BBB Year: 2015 Publication: Neurochemical research Volume: 41 Products: Keywords: TLR4; Alcohol; Microglia; Leukocyte; infiltration; Matrix metalloproteinase; BBB; IVIS; IVIS FLI details  
Author: Romero, Raimundo; Travers, John K.; Asbury, Emilie; Pennybaker, Attie; Chubb, Laura; Rose, Ruth; Ehrhart, Nicole P.; Kipper, Matt J. Title: Combined delivery of FGF-2, TGF-β1, and adipose-derived stem cells from an engineered periosteum to a critical-sized mouse femur defect Year: 2017 Publication: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A Volume: 105 Products: Keywords: tissue-engineered periosteum; bone allograft; chitosan nanofibers; mesenchymal stem cell; heparin-binding growth factors; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo; IVIS BLI in vitro details  
Author: Sun, Ming; Wang, Miao; Chen, Muwan; Dagnaes-Hansen, Frederik; Le, Dang Quang Svend; Baatrup, Anette; Horsman, Michael R; Kjems, Jørgen; Bünger, Cody Eric Title: A tissue-engineered therapeutic device inhibits tumor growth in vitro and in vivo Year: 2015 Publication: Acta biomaterialia Volume: Products: Keywords: Tissue engineered therapeutic device;; Local drug delivery;; Bone metastases;; Tumor inhibition;; Bone substitute; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Joo, Jinmyoung; Liu, Xiangyou; Kotamraju, Venkata Ramana; Ruoslahti, Erkki; Nam, Yoonkey; Sailor, Michael J. Title: Gated Luminescence Imaging of Silicon Nanoparticles Year: 2015 Publication: ACS Nano Volume: 9 Products: Keywords: time-gated luminescence imaging;; bioimaging;; intravital imaging;; targeting peptides;; tumor;; cancer;; in vivo imaging;; iRGD;; porous silicon; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details  
Author: Tang, Kai-Dun; Holzapfel, Boris M; Liu, Ji; Lee, TK; Ma, Stephanie; Jovanovic, Lidija; An, Jiyuan; Russell, Pamela J; Clements, Judith A; Hutmacher, Dietmar W Title: Tie-2 regulates the stemness and metastatic properties of prostate cancer cells Year: 2015 Publication: Oncotarget Volume: 5 Products: Keywords: Tie-2;; prostate cancer;; metastasis;; cancer stem cells; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Tuckett, Andrea Z; Zakrzewski, Johannes L; Li, Duan; van den Brink, Marcel RM; Thornton, Raymond H Title: Free-hand Ultrasound Guidance Permits Safe and Efficient Minimally Invasive Intrathymic Injections in Both Young and Aged Mice Year: 2015 Publication: Ultrasound in medicine & biology Volume: 41 Products: Keywords: Thymus,; Preclinical ultrasound,; Interventional radiology,; Intrathymic injection; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Qiao, Bo; Shui, Wei; Cai, Li; Guo, Shuquan; Jiang, Dianming Title: Human mesenchymal stem cells as delivery of osteoprotegerin gene: homing and therapeutic effect for osteosarcoma Year: 2015 Publication: Drug Design, Development and Therapy Volume: 9 Products: Keywords: therapy,; MSC,; OPG,; bone tumor; Maestro details  
Author: Juan, Long; Xiao, Zhao; Fang, Yuan; Fei, Liang; Nan, Liu; Song, Yun; Ling, Wang; Yuying, Sun; Yongzhi, Xi Title: Genetic stability of an Escherichia coli strain engineered to produce a novel therapeutic DNA vaccine encoding chicken type II collagen for rheumatoid arthritis Year: 2017 Publication: Process Biochemistry Volume: 52 Products: Keywords: Therapeutic DNA vaccine; Chicken type II procollagen; Engineered Escherichia coli; Genetic stability; Three-tier seed bank; IVIS; IVIS BLI details  
Author: Yang, Guangbao; Gong, Hua; Liu, Teng; Sun, Xiaoqi; Cheng, Liang; Liu, Zhuang Title: Two-dimensional magnetic WS2@Fe3O4 nanocomposite with mesoporous silica coating for drug delivery and imaging-guided therapy of cancer Year: 2015 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 60 Products: Keywords: Theranostics; WS2; Iron oxide; Mesoporous silica shell; Synergistic therapeutic effect; Maestro details