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Author: Park, Ji Sun; Yi, Se Won; Kim, Hye Jin; Kim, Seong Min; Shim, Sung Han; Park, Keun-Hong Title: Sunflower-type nanogels carrying a quantum dot nanoprobe for both superior gene delivery efficacy and tracing of human mesenchymal stem cells Year: 2015 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: Products: Keywords: Sunflower-type;; Nanogel;; Gene Delivery;; Bioimaging; IVIS; IVIS FLI
Author: Yu, Na; Swevers, Luc; Nachman, Ronald J; Smagghe, Guy Title: Development of cell-based bioassay with Sf9 cells expressing TcSKR1 and TcSKR2 and differential activation by sulfated and non-sulfated SK peptides Year: 2014 Publication: Peptides Volume: Products: Keywords: Sulfakinin;; Sulfakinin receptor;; G-protein-coupled receptor;; Cell-based assay;; Gαs-protein
Author: Slocinska, Malgorzata; Marciniak, Pawel; Jarmuszkiewicz, Wieslawa; Rosinski, Grzegorz Title: New metabolic activity of the nonsulfated sulfakinin Zopat-SK-1 in the insect fat body Year: 2014 Publication: Peptides Volume: Products: Keywords: Sulfakinin;; Nonsulfated sulfakinin Zopat-SK-1;; Lipid;; Carbohydrate and protein fat body metabolism;; Zophobas atratus;; Beetles
Author: Wu, Junchen; Zhou, Yuren; Li, Shang; Qu, Dahui; Zhu, Wei-Hong; Tian, He Title: Real-time near-infrared bioimaging of a receptor-targeted cytotoxic dendritic theranostic agent Year: 2017 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 120 Products: Keywords: Substance P; 5-fluorouracil; Neurokinin-1 receptor; Near-infrared imaging; Anticancer; IVIS; IVIS FLI
Author: Jennewine, Brenton; Fox, Jonathan; Ramamurthi, Anand Title: Cathepsin K-targeted sub-micron particles for regenerative repair of vascular elastic matrix Year: 2017 Publication: Acta Biomaterialia Volume: 52 Products: Keywords: Submicron particles; Elastic matrix; Regenerative matrix repair; Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs); Cathepsin K; Drug delivery; IVIS; IVIS FLI
Author: Korupalli, Chiranjeevi; Huang, Chieh-Cheng; Lin, Wei-Chih; Pan, Wen-Yu; Lin, Po-Yen; Wan, Wei-Lin; Li, Meng-Ju; Chang, Yen; Sung, Hsing-Wen Title: Acidity-triggered charge-convertible nanoparticles that can cause bacterium-specific aggregation in situ to enhance photothermal ablation of focal infection Year: 2017 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 116 Products: Keywords: Subcutaneous abscesses; Photothermal therapy; pH-responsive nanoparticles; Charge conversion; Imaging guiding; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo
Author: Pan, Pengyu; Zhang, Xuan; Li, Qiang; Zhao, Hengli; Qu, Jie; Zhang, John H.; Liu, Xin; Feng, Hua; Chen, Yujie Title: Cyclosporine A alleviated matrix metalloproteinase 9 associated blood-brain barrier disruption after subarachnoid hemorrhage in mice Year: 2017 Publication: Neuroscience Letters Volume: 649 Products: Keywords: Subarachnoid hemorrhage; Early brain injury; Cyclosporine A; Blood-brain barrier; Matrix metalloproteinase 9; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo
Author: Geng, Lingling; Wang, Zihua; Yang, Xiaoliang; Li, Dan; Lian, Wenxi; Xiang, Zhichu; Wang, Weizhi; Bu, Xiangli; Lai, Wenjia; Hu, Zhiyuan Title: Structure-based Design of Peptides with High Affinity and Specificity to HER2 Positive Tumors Year: 2015 Publication: Theranostics Volume: 5 Products: Keywords: structure-based design,; HER2 targeted peptide,; breast cancer,; MD simulation; Maestro
Author: Sharkey, Jack; Scarfe, Lauren; Santeramo, Ilaria; Garcia-Finana, Marta; Park, Brian K; Poptani, Harish; Wilm, Bettina; Taylor, Arthur; Murray, Patricia Title: Imaging technologies for monitoring the safety, efficacy and mechanisms of action of cell-based regenerative medicine therapies in models of kidney disease Year: 2016 Publication: European Journal of Pharmacology Volume: Products: Keywords: Stemcells; Preclinical imaging; Multispectral optoacoustictomography; Cell tracking; Biodistribution; Kidney Function Tests; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo
Author: Han, Dong; Huang, Wei; Li, Xiang; Gao, Lei; Su, Tao; Li, Xiujuan; Ma, Sai; Liu, Tong; Li, Congye; Chen, Jiangwei Title: Melatonin facilitates Adipose‐Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells to repair the murine infarcted heart via the SIRT1 signaling pathway Year: 2015 Publication: Journal of pineal research Volume: 60 Products: Keywords: stem cells;; melatonin;; myocardial infarction;; oxidative stress;; SIRT1 signaling; IVIS; IVIS BLI