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Author: Vijayan, Vineeth M.; Shenoy, Sachin J.; Muthu, Jayabalalan Title: Octreotide-conjugated fluorescent PEGylated polymeric nanogel for theranostic applications Year: 2017 Publication: Materials Science and Engineering: C Volume: 76 Products: Keywords: Theranostics; Bioimaging; Octreotide-conjugation; Fluorescent PEGylated nanogel; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo
Author: Verwilst, Peter; Han, Jiyou; Lee, Jiyeong; Mun, Sora; Kang, Hee-Gyoo; Kim, Jong Seung Title: Reconsidering azobenzene as a component of small-molecule hypoxia-mediated cancer drugs: A theranostic case study Year: 2017 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 115 Products: Keywords: Theranostics; Azobenzene; Hypoxia; Cancer; Drug targeting; Maestro
Author: Sahu, Abhishek; Lee, Jong Hyun; Lee, Hye Gyeong; Jeong, Yong Yeon; Tae, Giyoong Title: Prussian blue/serum albumin/indocyanine green as a multifunctional nanotheranostic agent for bimodal imaging guided laser mediated combinatorial phototherapy Year: 2016 Publication: Journal of Controlled Release Volume: 236 Products: Keywords: Theranostic;; Multifunctional nanoparticle;; Indocyanine green;; Prussian blue;; Photothermal therapy;; Photodynamic therapy; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo
Author: Li, Shi-Ying; Cheng, Hong; Xie, Bo-Ru; Qiu, Wen-Xiu; Song, Li-Lin; Zhuo, Ren-Xi; Zhang, Xian-Zheng Title: A ratiometric theranostic probe for tumor targeting therapy and self-therapeutic monitoring Year: 2016 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: 104 Products: Keywords: Theranostic; Ratiometric imaging; Apoptosis imaging; FRET; Photodynamic therapy; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo
Author: Kamalapuram, Sishir K; Kanwar, Rupinder K; Roy, Kislay; Chaudhary, Rajneesh; Sehgal, Rakesh; Kanwar, Jagat R Title: Theranostic multimodular potential of zinc-doped ferrite-saturated metal-binding protein-loaded novel nanocapsules in cancers Year: 2016 Publication: International Journal of Nanomedicine Volume: 11 Products: Keywords: theranostic,; multimodular cancer therapy,; nanocapsules,; nanomedicine,; real-time imaging; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo
Author: Kang, Yibin Title: Imaging TGFβ Signaling in Mouse Models of Cancer Metastasis Year: 2016 Publication: TGF-β Signaling Volume: Products: Keywords: TGFβ; Tumor stroma; Metastasis; Xenograft; Mammary fat pad injection; Intravenous injection; Intracardiac injection; Animal model; In vivo imaging; Bioluminescence; Luciferase; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo
Author: Huber-Ruano, I.; Raventós, C.; Cuartas, I.; Sánchez-Jaro, C.; Arias, A.; Parra, J. L.; Wosikowski, K.; Janicot, M.; Seoane, J. Title: An antisense oligonucleotide targeting TGF-β2 inhibits lung metastasis and induces CD86 expression in tumor-associated macrophages Year: 2017 Publication: Annals of Oncology Volume: 28 Products: Keywords: TGF-β; lung metastasis; tumor-associated macrophages; CD86; antisense oligonucleotides; tumor microenvironment; IVIS
Author: Alam, Farzana; Al-Hilal, Taslim A; Park, Jooho; Choi, Jeong Uk; Mahmud, Foyez; Jeong, Jee-Heon; Kim, In-San; Kim, Sang Yoon; Hwang, Seung Rim; Byun, Youngro Title: Multi-stage inhibition in breast cancer metastasis by orally active triple conjugate, LHTD4 (low molecular weight heparin-taurocholate-tetrameric deoxycholate) Year: 2016 Publication: Biomaterials Volume: Products: Keywords: TGF-β1;; CXCL12;; polymeric bile acid;; low molecular weight heparin;; metastasis;; multi-stage targeting; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo
Author: Luo, Jian; Wyss-Coray, Tony Title: Bioluminescence Analysis of Smad-Dependent TGF-? Signaling in Live Mice Year: 2009 Publication: Bioluminescence Volume: 574 Products: Keywords: TGF-?, Smad, bioluminescence imaging, in vivo, luciferase, immunofluorescence IVIS, Xenogen
Author: Zschiebsch, Katja; Fischer, Caroline; Pickert, Geethanjali; Häeussler, Annett; Radeke, Heinfried; Grösch, Sabine; Ferreirós, Nerea; Geisslinger, Gerd; Werner, Ernst R; Tegeder, Irmgard Title: Tetrahydrobiopterin attenuates DSS-evoked colitis in mice by rebalancing redox and lipid signaling Year: 2016 Publication: Journal of Crohn's and Colitis Volume: Products: Keywords: Tetrahydrobiopterin,; nitric oxide,; inflammatory bowel disease,; glycerophospholipids,; redox stress,; lipid signaling molecules,; AGMO; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo