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Author: Xie, Chao; Liang, Bojian; Xue, Ming; Lin, Angela S.P.; Loiselle, Alayna; Schwarz, Edward M.; Guldberg, Robert E.; O'Keefe, Regis J.; Zhang, Xinping Title: Rescue of Impaired Fracture Healing in COX-2-/- Mice via Activation of Prostaglandin E2 Receptor Subtype 4 Year: 2009 Publication: Am J Pathol Volume: 175 Products: Keywords: Xen10, Xen 10, Streptococcus pneumoniae Xen10, IVIS details  
Author: Shi, Yang; Kunjachan, Sijumon; Wu, Zhuojun; Gremse, Felix; Moeckel, Diana; van Zandvoort, Marc; Kiessling, Fabian; Storm, Gert; van Nostrum, Cornelus F.; Hennink, Wim E.; Lammers, Twan Title: Fluorophore labeling of core-crosslinked polymeric micelles for multimodal in vivo and ex vivo optical imaging Year: 2015 Publication: Nanomedicine Volume: 10 Products: Keywords: Fmt details  
Author: Klyachko, Natalia L; Haney, Matthew J; Zhao, Yuling; Manickam, Devika S; Mahajan, Vivek; Suresh, Poornima; Hingtgen, Shawn D; Mosley, R Lee; Gendelman, Howard E; Kabanov, Alexander V Title: Macrophages offer a paradigm switch for CNS delivery of therapeutic proteins Year: 2013 Publication: Nanomedicine Volume: Products: Keywords: IVIS Imaging details  
Author: Lemarie, F.; Chang, C. W.; Blatchford, D. R.; Amor, R.; Norris, G.; Tetley, L.; McConnell, G.; Dufes, C. Title: Antitumor activity of the tea polyphenol epigallocatechin-3-gallate encapsulated in targeted vesicles after intravenous administration Year: 2012 Publication: Nanomedicine (Lond) Volume: Products: Keywords: IVIS, B16-F10-luc-G5, B16F10-luc-G5, B16-F10-luc, B16F10-luc details  
Author: Lu, Z.; Dai, T.; Huang, L.; Kurup, D. B.; Tegos, G. P.; Jahnke, A.; Wharton, T.; Hamblin, M. R. Title: Photodynamic therapy with a cationic functionalized fullerene rescues mice from fatal wound infections Year: 2010 Publication: Nanomedicine (Lond) Volume: 5 Products: Keywords: Xen5, Xen 5, Pseudomonas aeruginosa Xen 5, Animals; Fullerenes/*chemistry; Male; Mice; Mice, Inbred BALB C; Photochemotherapy/*methods; Photosensitizing Agents/*chemistry; Pseudomonas Infections/*drug therapy; Pseudomonas aeruginosa/drug effects; Wound Infection/*drug therapy details  
Author: Zhang, Mingzhen; Wang, Xiaoyu; Han, Moon Kwon; Merlin, James F Collins & Didier Title: Oral administration of ginger-derived nanolipids loaded with siRNA as a novel approach for efficient siRNA drug delivery to treat ulcerative colitis Year: 2017 Publication: Nanomedicine Volume: 12 Products: Keywords: ginger-derived lipids vehicles; natural delivery system; oral administration; siRNA; IVIS; IVIS FLI details  
Author: dos Santos Câmara, Ana Lygia; ‡, Gregor Nagel; Tschiche, Harald R; Cardador, Camila Magalhães; Muehlmann, Luis Alexandre; Oliveira, Daniela Mara de; Alvim, Paula Queiroz; Azevedo, Ricardo Bentes; Calderón, Marcelo; Longo, João Paulo Figueiró Title: Acid-sensitive lipidated doxorubicin prodrug entrapped in nanoemulsion impairs lung tumor metastasis in a breast cancer model Year: 2017 Publication: Nanomedicine Volume: 12 Products: Keywords: breast cancer; doxorubicin; drug delivery; metastasis; nanoemulsion; pH-sensitive; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vitro; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Babaei, Maryam; Abnous, Khalil; Taghdisi, Seyed Mohammad; Farzad, Sara Amel; Peivandi, Mohammad Taghi; Ramezani, Mohammad; Alibolandi, Mona Title: Synthesis of theranostic epithelial cell adhesion molecule targeted mesoporous silica nanoparticle with gold gatekeeper for hepatocellular carcinoma Year: 2017 Publication: Nanomedicine Volume: 12 Products: Keywords: 5-fluorouracil; aptamer; EpCAM; gatekeeper; gold nanoparticles; silica; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details  
Author: Wang, Kaikai; ‡, Gang Chen; Hu, Qi; Zhen, Yuqian; Li, Huipeng; Chen, Jiao; Di, Bin; Hu, Yiqiao; Sun, Minjie; Oupický, David Title: Self-assembled hemoglobin nanoparticles for improved oral photosensitizer delivery and oral photothermal therapy in vivo Year: 2017 Publication: Nanomedicine Volume: 12 Products: Keywords: hemoglobin; IR780; oral-photothermal therapy; protein nanoparticles; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details  
Author: Zhang, Jing; Wang, Tianqi; Mu, Shengjun; Olerile, Livesey D; Yu, Xiaoyue; Zhang, Na Title: Biomacromolecule/lipid hybrid nanoparticles for controlled delivery of sorafenib in targeting hepatocellular carcinoma therapy Year: 2017 Publication: Nanomedicine Volume: 12 Products: Keywords: biomacromolecule/lipid hybrid nanoparticles; enzyme-responsive; HCC; hyaluronic acid; sorafenib; IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo details