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Author: Al‐Dujaili, Saja A; Koh, Amy J; Dang, Ming; Mi, Xue; Chang, Wenhan; Ma, Peter X; McCauley, Laurie K Title: Calcium Sensing Receptor Function Supports Osteoblast Survival and Acts as a Co‐Factor in PTH Anabolic Actions in Bone Year: 2015 Publication: Journal of cellular biochemistry Volume: 117 Products: Keywords: IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Albanesi, M.; Mancardi, D. A.; Macdonald, L. E.; Iannascoli, B.; Zitvogel, L.; Murphy, A. J.; Leusen, J. H.; Bruhns, P. Title: Cutting Edge: FcgammaRIII (CD16) and FcgammaRI (CD64) Are Responsible for Anti-Glycoprotein 75 Monoclonal Antibody TA99 Therapy for Experimental Metastatic B16 Melanoma Year: 2012 Publication: J Immunol Volume: 189 Products: Keywords: B16-F10-luc2, B16F10-luc2, IVIS details  
Author: Albers, Joachim; Danzer, Claudia; Rechsteiner, Markus; Lehmann, Holger; Brandt, Laura P.; Hejhal, Tomas; Catalano, Antonella; Busenhart, Philipp; Gonçalves, Ana Filipa; Brandt, Simone; Bode, Peter K.; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Wild, Peter J.; Frew, Ian J. Title: A versatile modular vector system for rapid combinatorial mammalian genetics Year: 2015 Publication: The Journal of Clinical Investigation Volume: 125 Products: Keywords: IVIS; IVIS FLI in vivo; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Albert J. Sinusas, Frank Bengel, Matthias Nahrendorf, Frederick H. Epstein, Joseph C. Wu, Flordeliza S. Villanueva, Zahi A. Fayad and Robert J. Gropler Title: Multimodality Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging, Part I Year: 2008 Publication: Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging Volume: 1 Products: Keywords: cardiovascular diseases; diagnosis; imaging; radionuclide imaging; image three-dimensional; molecular probes; fluorescence molecular tomography; FMT details  
Author: Albiger, B; Sandgren, A; Katsuragi, H; Hoffert, U Meyer; Beiter, K; Wartha, F; Hornef, M; Normark, S; Normark, BH Title: Myeloid differentiation factor 88 dependent signalling controls bacterial growth during colonization and systemic pneumococcal disease in mice Year: 2005 Publication: Cellular Microbiology Volume: 7 Products: Keywords: IVIS, Xenogen details  
Author: Ale, Angelique; Crepin, Valerie F; Collins, James W; Constantinou, Nicholas; Habibzay, Maryam; Babtie, Ann C; Frankel, Gad; Stumpf, Michael PH Title: Model of host-pathogen interaction dynamics links in vivo optical imaging and immune responses Year: 2017 Publication: Infection and immunity Volume: 85 Products: Keywords: antibiotic therapy,; bioluminescent bacteria,; Citrobacter rodentium,; dynamic modeling,; espO mutant,; in vivo imaging; IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Alesi, GN; Jin, L; Li, D; Magliocca, KR; Kang, Y; Chen, ZG; Shin, DM; Khuri, FR; Kang, S Title: RSK2 signals through stathmin to promote microtubule dynamics and tumor metastasis Year: 2016 Publication: Oncogene Volume: Products: Keywords: IVIS; IVIS Bli details  
Author: Alfonso-Loeches, S.; Pascual, M.; Gomez-Pinedo, U.; Pascual-Lucas, M.; Renau-Piqueras, J.; Guerri, C. Title: Toll-Like Receptor 4 Participates in the Myelin Disruptions Associated with Chronic Alcohol Abuse Year: 2012 Publication: Glia Volume: 60 Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Alfonso-Loeches, Silvia; Pascual, María; Guerri, Consuelo Title: Gender differences in alcohol-induced neurotoxicity and brain damage Year: 2013 Publication: Toxicology Volume: Products: Keywords: IVIS details  
Author: Alfonso-Loeches, Silvia; Ureña-Peralta, Juan; Morillo-Bargues, Mª José; Gómez-Pinedo, Ulises; Guerri, Consuelo Title: Ethanol-Induced TLR4/NLRP3 Neuroinflammatory Response in Microglial Cells Promotes Leukocyte Infiltration Across the BBB Year: 2015 Publication: Neurochemical research Volume: 41 Products: Keywords: TLR4; Alcohol; Microglia; Leukocyte; infiltration; Matrix metalloproteinase; BBB; IVIS; IVIS FLI details