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        Neben, Tamlyn Yee; Clermont, Anne O.; Esposito, Lin; Oei, Yoko; Neben, Tamlyn Yee; Jenkins, Darlene E.; Clermont, Anne O.; Esposito, Lin; Oei, Yoko; Jenkins, Darlene E.
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        Journal Article
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        AACR Meeting Abstracts
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      11. Keywords :
        Bioware; Lovo-6-luc-1 cells
      12. Abstract :
        Colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the United States with an estimated 130,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Many cases are asymptomatic and not diagnosed until late stage of disease. Identification of primary tumors at an earlier stage is advantageous in treatment planning and aids in decreasing the morbidity/mortality rate from recurrence. The aim of our studies is to establish a xenograft system for monitoring tumor growth and metastasis in vivo which allows continual evaluation of drug and drug regimen efficacy at all stages of tumor progression. LoVo-6-luc-1, a luciferase expressing cell line derived from LoVo human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells, was injected by various routes (subcutaneous, intraperitoneal and intracecal) into female SCID-bg mice. Tumor growth and metastatic spread was monitored weekly by in vivo imaging using the Xenogen IVISTM imaging platform. Visible bioluminescence signals were detected immediately after injection and high tumor take was seen in all of the models. In the subcutaneous model, we found a high correlation between mean bioluminescence and mean tumor volume. In the intraperitoneal and ceacum injected models, the onset of tumor spread was rapid and ex vivo imaging confirmed metastasis to multiple organs such as liver, lung, kidney, adrenal gland, spleen and ovary.
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        PKI @ catherine.lautenschlager @
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