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        Jenkins, Darlene E.; Hornig, Yvette S.; Oei, Yoko A.; Yu, Shang-Fan; Dusich, Joan M.; Jenkins, Darlene E.; Purchio, Tony; Hornig, Yvette S.; Oei, Yoko A.; Yu, Shang-Fan; Dusich, Joan M.; Purchio, Tony
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        Journal Article
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        AACR Meeting Abstracts
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      11. Keywords :
        Bioware; MCF-7-luc-F5 cells
      12. Abstract :
        A clonal human tumor cell line expressing firefly luciferase, MCF-7-luc-F5, was developed from parental MCF-7 breast carcinoma cells and characterized for bioluminescence in vitro and in vivo. As few as twenty cells were detectable in vitro and average bioluminescence measured approximately 680 photons/sec/cell. Tumorigenesis of MCF-7-luc-F5 cells was assessed with and without estrogen supplement in vivo following injection of cells into the mammary fat pad of nude-beige mice. Continuous tumor growth was observed by weekly bioluminescent imaging in mice receiving a slow release (60 day) estrogen pellet implant (0.36 mg/pellet), while no tumor growth occurred in mice without estrogen supplement. Caliper measurements of tumor volume indicated similar results. A kinetic analysis of luciferase activity in vivo demonstrated that peak signals were evident approximately 12-15 minutes after injection of luciferin substrate and were maintained at a relatively stable level for at least another 20-25 minutes. Spontaneous metastasis from the primary mammary fat pad tumor to thoracic and axillary regions was observed in vivo in 50% of the animals. Subsequent ex vivo images and histology identified metastatic sites in lung, rib, or lymph nodes depending on the mouse. Standard drug treatment on primary and secondary tumor growth was also monitored by bioluminescent imaging.
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        PKI @ catherine.lautenschlager @
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