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        Dernell, William S.
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        Journal Article
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        *Breast Cancer; *Chemotherapy; *Genes; *Luciferase; Anatomy and Physiology; Biochemistry; Bioware; Cells(Biology); Diseases; Drugs; Efficacy; Gel Polymers; Gels; Growth(Physiology); Humans; Image Processing; In Vitro Analysis.; In Vivo Analysis; Luciferase Genes; Medicine and Medical Research; Metastasis; Mouse Models; Paclitaxel Sensitivity; Poloxamer Polymers; Polymers; Preclinical Evaluations; surgery; Synergism; Toxicity; Tumor Cell Lines
      12. Abstract :
        This project evaluated paclitaxel chemotherapy delivery from a gel polymer system placed into a wound bed following conservative (marginal) surgical removal of human breast cancers grown in nude mice. This delivery method was shown to control local tumor disease as well as assist in control of systemic metastasis. We established 5 human breast cancer cell lines within our laboratory. We elected purchase and implement a unique (luciferase) imaging system which allows in vivo imaging of tumor growth and metastasis (and subsequently decrease animal use). Tumor cell lines were transfected with the luciferase gene. In vitro testing of cell lines established paclitaxel sensitivity and showed a synergistic effect of delivering paclitaxel by the poloxamer polymer, especially for the chemotherapy resistant cell line, MCF-7-ADR. We completed the simultaneous evaluation of local and systemic toxicity, local, regional and systemic distribution and local and systemic efficacy of locally delivered paclitaxel chemotherapy following tumor removal using the MCF-7-ADR cell line in nude mice. Intracavitary administration of taxol in poloxamer was well tolerated (locally and systemically) afld resulted in significantly improved control of local tumor regrowth and comparable control of metastasis following marginal tumor removal as compared to intravenous paclitaxel (parent drug) . Sustained drug levels (from polymer delivery) were seen in plasma and liver tissue at 60 days.
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        PKI @ catherine.lautenschlager @
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