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        Gaedicke, Simone; Braun, Friederike; Prasad, Shruthi; Machein, Marcia; Firat, Elke; Hettich, Michael; Gudihal, Ravindra; Zhu, Xuekai; Klingner, Kerstin; Schüler, Julia
      2. Title :
        Noninvasive positron emission tomography and fluorescence imaging of CD133+ tumor stem cells
      3. Type :
        Journal Article
      4. Year :
      5. Publication :
        Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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      11. Keywords :
        IVIS Imaging
      12. Abstract :
        A technology that visualizes tumor stem cells with clinically relevant tracers could have a broad impact on cancer diagnosis and treatment. The AC133 epitope of CD133 currently is one of the best-characterized tumor stem cell markers for many intra- and extracranial tumor entities. Here we demonstrate the successful noninvasive detection of AC133+ tumor stem cells by PET and nearinfrared fluorescence molecular tomography in subcutaneous and orthotopic glioma xenografts using antibody-based tracers. Particularly, microPET with 64Cu-NOTA-AC133 mAb yielded high-quality images with outstanding tumor-to-background contrast, clearly delineating subcutaneous tumor stemcell-derived xenografts fromsurrounding tissues. Intracerebral tumors as small as 2–3 mm alsowere clearly discernible, and the microPET images reflected the invasive growth pattern of orthotopic cancer stem cell-derived tumors with low density of AC133+ cells. These data provide a basis for further preclinical and clinical use of the developed tracers for high-sensitivity and high-resolution monitoring of AC133+ tumor stem cells.
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        PKI @ user @ 7022
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