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      1. Author :
        Ishikawa, Jun; Oshima, Masamitsu; Iwasaki, Fumitaka; Suzuki, Ryoji; Park, Joonhong; Nakao, Kazuhisa; Matsuzawa-Adachi, Yuki; Mizutsuki, Taro; Kobayashi, Ayaka; Abe, Yuta; Kobayashi, Eiji; Tezuka, Katsunari; Tsuji, Takashi
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        Journal Article
      4. Year :
      5. Publication :
        Sci. Rep.
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      11. Keywords :
        IVIS; IVIS BLI ex vivo
      12. Abstract :
        A three-dimensional multicellular organism maintains the biological functions of life support by using the blood circulation to transport oxygen and nutrients and to regulate body temperature for intracellular enzymatic reactions. Donor organ transplantation using low-temperature storage is used as the fundamental treatment for dysfunctional organs. However, this approach has a serious problem in that donor organs maintain healthy conditions only during short-term storage. In this study, we developed a novel liver perfusion culture system based on biological metabolism that can maintain physiological functions, including albumin synthesis, bile secretion and urea production. This system also allows for the resurrection of a severely ischaemic liver. This study represents a significant advance for the development of an ex vivo organ perfusion system based on biological metabolism. It can be used not only to address donor organ shortages but also as the basis of future regenerative organ replacement therapy.
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        PKI @ user @ 9320
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