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      1. Author :
        Park, Ji Sun; Yi, Se Won; Kim, Hye Jin; Kim, Seong Min; Shim, Sung Han; Park, Keun-Hong
      2. Title :
        Sunflower-type nanogels carrying a quantum dot nanoprobe for both superior gene delivery efficacy and tracing of human mesenchymal stem cells
      3. Type :
        Journal Article
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      11. Keywords :
        Sunflower-type;; Nanogel;; Gene Delivery;; Bioimaging; IVIS; IVIS FLI
      12. Abstract :
        Sunflower-type nanogels carrying the QD 655 nanoprobe can be used for both gene transfection and bioimaging of hMSCs. The entry of sunflower-type nanogels into hMSCs can be possibly controlled by changing the formation of QDs. The physico-chemical properties of sunflower-type nanogels internalized by hMSCs were confirmed by AFM, SEM, TEM, gel retardation, and ζ-potential analyses. The bioimaging capacity was confirmed by confocal laser microscopy, Kodak imaging, and Xenogen imaging. Specifically, we investigated the cytotoxicity of sunflower-type nanogels via SNP analysis. Internalization of sunflower-type nanogels does not cause malfunction of hMSCs.
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        PKI @ user @ 10354
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