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      1. Author :
        Slocinska, Malgorzata; Marciniak, Pawel; Jarmuszkiewicz, Wieslawa; Rosinski, Grzegorz
      2. Title :
        New metabolic activity of the nonsulfated sulfakinin Zopat-SK-1 in the insect fat body
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        Journal Article
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      11. Keywords :
        Sulfakinin;; Nonsulfated sulfakinin Zopat-SK-1;; Lipid;; Carbohydrate and protein fat body metabolism;; Zophobas atratus;; Beetles
      12. Abstract :
        Insect sulfakinins are multifunctional neuropeptides homologous to vertebrate gastrin/cholecystokin (CCK) neuropeptide hormones. We investigated the action of the nonsulfated sulfakinin Zopat-SK-1 (pETSDDYGHLRFa) on the levels of chosen metabolites in the Zophobas atratus beetle fat body. Samples of fat body were collected 2 h and 24 h after hormone injection. The administration of 20 pmol of Zopat-SK-1 to feeding larvae significantly increased concentrations of lipids and proteins and decreased the content of glycogen in fat body tissue in the 24 h experimental group. In contrast, the only increase in total lipid concentration in prepupal fat bodies was observed 24 h after Zopat-SK-1 treatment. Simultaneously, changes in the quality and quantity of free sugars in the hemolymph were measured. In larval hemolymph, a marked increase in free sugar concentration and a decrease in glucose content were observed 24 h and 2 h after Zopat-SK-1 application, respectively. No changes in the prepupal stage were observed. For the first time we show potent metabolic activity of sulfakinin in the fat body tissue of an insect. Our findings imply a physiological function of the nonsulfated form of sulfakinin in energy storage and release processes in fat body tissue of larvae and prepupae was indicated. We suggest a role for sulfakinin signaling in the regulation of energy metabolism in insect tissues.
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        PKI @ catherine.lautenschlager @ 7463
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