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      1. Author :
        Kim, J. K.; Won, Y. W.; Lim, K. S.; Kim, Y. H.
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        Journal Article
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      5. Publication :
        Pharm Res
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      11. Keywords :
        IVIS, B16-F10-luc-G5, B16F10-luc-G5, B16-F10-luc, B16F10-luc, Animals; Antineoplastic Agents/*administration & dosage/pharmacokinetics/therapeutic use; Delayed-Action Preparations/*chemistry; Male; Methylcellulose/*chemistry; Mice; Mice, Inbred C57BL; *Micelles; Neoplasms/drug therapy; Poloxamer/*chemistry; Taxoids/*administration & dosage/pharmacokinetics/therapeutic use
      12. Abstract :
        PURPOSE: To develop low-molecular-weight methylcellulose (LMw MC)-based gel/Pluronic F127 micelle combination system for local and sustained delivery of docetaxel (DTX). METHODS: LMw MC and Pluronic F127 were used to formulate an injectable thermo-reversible gel/micelle combination system containing DTX. The DTX-loaded combination system was characterized and its therapeutic efficacy evaluated in a subcutaneous tumor model. RESULTS: Mixtures of LMw MC, AS, and Pluronic F127 formed gel at ~15-40 degrees C depending on AS concentration. The combination system released DTX for >30 days with a biphasic and sustained release pattern, and DTX stability was maintained during release. The combination system significantly enhanced anti-cancer effects of DTX and prolonged survival of the model mouse in comparison with free DTX. CONCLUSIONS: The LMw MC gel/Pluronic F127 micelle combination system constitutes a promising tool for reducing tumor size and eradicating remaining tumor cells before and after surgery.
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        PKI @ kd.modi @ 16
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