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Author: Aanstoos, Megan E; Regan, Daniel P; Rose, Ruth J; Chubb, Laura S; Ehrhart, Nicole P Title: Do Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Influence Microscopic Residual or Metastatic Osteosarcoma in a Murine Model? Year: 2015 Publication: Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research® Volume: 474 Products: Keywords: IVIS; IVIS BLI in vivo details  
Author: Abate, A.; Zhao, H.; Wong, R. J.; Stevenson, D. K. Title: The Role of Bach1 in the Induction of Heme Oxygenase by Tin Mesoporphyrin Year: 2007 Publication: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications Volume: 354 Products: Keywords: IVIS, Xenogen details  
Author: Abate, Aida; Yang, Guang; Wong, Ronald J.; Schroder, Henning; Stevenson, David K.; Dennery, Phyllis A. Title: Apigenin decreases hemin-mediated heme oxygenase-1 induction Year: 2005 Publication: Free Radical Biology and Medicine Volume: 39 Products: Keywords: IVIS, Xenogen details  
Author: Abbasi, Azhar Z.; Prasad, Preethy; Cai, Ping; He, Chunsheng; Foltz, Warren D.; Amini, Mohammad Ali; Gordijo, Claudia R.; Rauth, Andrew M.; Wu, Xiao Yu Title: Manganese oxide and docetaxel co-loaded fluorescent polymer nanoparticles for dual modal imaging and chemotherapy of breast cancer Year: 2015 Publication: Journal of Controlled Release Volume: 209 Products: Keywords: Multifunctional nanoparticles; Manganese oxide; Cancer; Dual modal imaging; Drug delivery; IVIS; IVIS FLI details  
Author: Abd-Elgaliel, W. R.; Cruz-Monserrate, Z.; Logsdon, C. D.; Tung, C. H. Title: Molecular imaging of Cathepsin E-positive tumors in mice using a novel protease-activatable fluorescent probe Year: 2011 Publication: Molecular bioSystems Volume: Products: Keywords: IVIS Imaging details  
Author: Abd-Elrahman, Ihab; Kosuge, Hisanori; Wises Sadan, Tommy; Ben-Nun, Yael; Meir, Karen; Rubinstein, Chen; Bogyo, Matthew; McConnell, Michael V.; Blum, Galia Title: Cathepsin Activity-Based Probes and Inhibitor for Preclinical Atherosclerosis Imaging and Macrophage Depletion Year: 2016 Publication: Plos One Volume: 11 Products: Keywords: Fmt details  
Author: Abdel-Azim, H.; Zhu, Y.; Hollis, R.; Wang, X.; Ge, S.; Hao, Q. L.; Smbatyan, G.; Kohn, D. B.; Rosol, M.; Crooks, G. M. Title: Expansion of multipotent and lymphoid-committed human progenitors through intracellular dimerization of Mpl Year: 2008 Publication: Blood Volume: 111 Products: Keywords: IVIS, Xenogen details  
Author: Abdelkarim, M.; Guenin, E.; Sainte-Catherine, O.; Vintonenko, N.; Peyri, N.; Perret, G. Y.; Crepin, M.; Khatib, A. M.; Lecouvey, M.; Benedetto, M. Di Title: New Symmetrically Esterified m-Bromobenzyl Non-Aminobisphosphonates Inhibited Breast Cancer Growth and Metastases Year: 2009 Publication: PLoS One Volume: 4 Products: Keywords: IVIS, Xenogen details  
Author: Abdelwahab, M. G.; Fenton, K. E.; Preul, M. C.; Rho, J. M.; Lynch, A.; Stafford, P.; Scheck, A. C. Title: The ketogenic diet is an effective adjuvant to radiation therapy for the treatment of malignant glioma Year: 2012 Publication: PLoS One Volume: 7 Products: Keywords: GL261-luc2, IVIS, 3-Hydroxybutyric Acid/metabolism; Animals; Blood Glucose/metabolism; Brain/metabolism/pathology; Combined Modality Therapy; Disease Models, Animal; Glioma/*diet therapy/*radiotherapy; Humans; Kaplan-Meier Estimate; *Ketogenic Diet; Ketones/blood; Mice; Mice, Inbred C57BL; Neoplasm Transplantation; Time Factors details  
Author: Abdelwahab, M. G.; Sankar, T.; Preul, M. C.; Scheck, A. C. Title: Intracranial Implantation with Subsequent 3D <em>In Vivo</em> Bioluminescent Imaging of Murine Gliomas Year: 2011 Publication: J Vis Exp Volume: Products: Keywords: GL261-luc2, IVIS, Glioma, Biolumninescence imaging details