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Author: Title: Year: Publication: Volume: Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Title: Year: Publication: Volume: Products: Keywords: details  
Author: Al-Mawsawi, L.Q.; Christ, F.; Dayam, R.; Debyser, Z.; Neamati, N. Title: Inhibitory profile of a LEDGF/p75 peptide against HIV-1 integrase: insight into integrase-DNA complex formation and catalysis Year: 2008 Publication: FEBS Letters Volume: 582 Products: Keywords: 384-well; Alpha; AlphaScreen; Amino Acid Sequence; anti-FLAG donor beads; Catalysis; Dna; Envision; FLAG-LEDGF/p75; His-Integrase; HIV Integrase; HIV Integrase Inhibitors; Humans; Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins; Molecular Sequence Data; Mutation; ni-chelate acceptor beads; Peptides; Protein Conformation; Protein Structure, Tertiary; protein-peptide interaction details  
Author: Anavi-Goffer, S.; Baillie, G.; Irving, A.J.; Gertsch, J.; Greig, I.R.; Pertwee, R.G.; Ross, R.A. Title: Modulation of L-α-lysophosphatidylinositol /GPR55 MAP kinase signalling by cannabinoids Year: 2011 Publication: The Journal of Biological Chemistry Volume: Products: Keywords: Alpha; AlphaScreen; EnVision; GPR55 receptor; HEK293; SureFire; TGRES details  
Author: Anavi-Goffer, Sharon; Ross, Ruth A. Title: A Functional Assay for GPR55: EnVision Protocol Year: 2016 Publication: Methods in Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.) Volume: 1412 Products: Keywords: AlphaLISA; AlphaScreen; Cannabinoid receptor; EnVision; Gpr55; High-throughput screening (HTS); Phytocannabinoids; Signal Transduction details  
Author: Ang, Sheng Y.; Hutchinson, Dana S.; Patil, Nitin; Evans, Bronwyn A.; Bathgate, Ross A. D.; Halls, Michelle L.; Hossain, Mohammed A.; Summers, Roger J.; Kocan, Martina Title: Signal transduction pathways activated by insulin-like peptide 5 at the relaxin family peptide RXFP4 receptor Year: 2016 Publication: British Journal of Pharmacology Volume: Products: Keywords: Envision; High impact journal; Signal Transduction; SureFire details  
Author: Angelot, F.; Seilles, E.; Biichle, S.; Berda, Y.; Gaugler, B.; Plumas, J.; Chaperot, L.; Dignat-George, F.; Tiberghien, P.; Saas, P.; Garnache-Ottou, F. Title: Endothelial cell-derived microparticles induce plasmacytoid dendritic cell maturation: potential implications in inflammatory diseases Year: 2009 Publication: Haematologica Volume: Products: Keywords: Ad0200; cell proliferation; Delfia; EnVision; T cells details  
Author: Title: FGF21 attenuates lipolysis in human adipocytes – a possible link to improved insulin sensitivity Year: 2008 Publication: FEBS Letters Volume: 582 Products: Keywords: 3T3-L1 Cells; Adipocytes; Alpha; AlphaScreen; Animals; Cell Differentiation; Envision; Fatty Acids; Fgf21; Fibroblast Growth Factors; Gene Expression; Glucuronidase; Humans; Insulin Resistance; Lipolysis; MAPK signaling; Mice; pERK; Phosphoproteins; Surefire; Tgres details  
Author: Baima, E.T.; Guzova, J.A.; Mathialagan, S.; Nagiec, E.E.; Hardy, M.M.; Song, L.R.; Bonar, S.L.; Weinberg, R.A.; Selness, S.R.; Woodard, S.S.; Chrencik, J.; Hood, W.F.; Schindler, J.F.; Kishore, N.; Mbalaviele, G. Title: Novel insights into the cellular mechanisms of the anti-inflammatory effects of NF-κB essential modulator (NEMO)binding domain peptides Year: 2010 Publication: The Journal of Biological Chemistry Volume: Products: Keywords: AlphaScreen; Anti-FLAG acceptor beads; Biotin-IKK peptide; competition assay; EnVision; Eu-anti GST; Flag-Ikk-2; glutathione donor beads; Gst-Nemo; Invitrogen streptavidn-Alexa Fluor 647; Lance; protein-peptide interaction details  
Author: Bajardi-Taccioli, Adriana; Blum, Andrew; Xu, Chongfeng; Sosic, Zoran; Bergelson, Svetlana; Feschenko, Marina Title: Effect of protein aggregates on characterization of FcRn binding of Fc-fusion therapeutics Year: 2015 Publication: Molecular Immunology Volume: 67 Products: Keywords: Aggregates; AlphaScreen; Biolayer interferometry; Biological Assay; Biotherapeutics & biologics; Chromatography, Gel; EnVision; Fc-fusion therapeutic; FcRn; Histocompatibility Antigens Class I; Humans; Immunoglobulin Fc Fragments; Indicators and Reagents; Interferometry; Methionine; Oxidation-Reduction; Protein Aggregates; Protein Binding; Receptors, Fc; Recombinant Fusion Proteins; selection finale; Stress, Physiological; Time Factors; Titrimetry details